Belize’s Davis Falls Waterfall is all about taking a refreshing break in 2020!

Published on May 17, 2020

Known for its breathtaking beauty and its refreshing waters-probably one of the best in the world-, Davis Falls Waterfalls is a must to explore whether your visiting Belize for the first or have been living here your entire life. Cascading at more than 500 feet (150 meters), this gem is the perfect refreshing break you need in 2020.

Davis Falls Waterfall is located 8 miles off the Humming Bird Highway in Alta Vista Village on the Sittie River Nature Reserve. The trip begins with an eight-mile drive over rough terrain in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, along the way, you will experience 8 river crossings and be surrounded by pristine rainforest landscape.  After the drive, a two-mile hike through the rainforest awaits before you get to see Davis Falls.

As you arrive, your immediately blown away by the indescribable view of this waterfall and off course, its 75-foot size swimming pool with cool, crystal clear water at the bottom of it. This will definitely be that much-deserved refreshing break you needed. Throughout your time here, you will get to choose between swimming in the cool and refreshing waters, use the natural rock sides as a seat to relax enjoying the magnificent view of the waterfall, get your Facebook/Instagram famous pictures/videos or you can do all three as you inhale the one-of-a-kind view.

A visit to Belize should always be one-in-a-lifetime experience therefore taking a refreshing break at the Davis Falls Waterfalls is a must. Untame Belize Tour & Transfers is one of the few tour companies in the country that offers this tour so make sure to book your trip with us. As the premiere Belize Adventure Company, Untame Belize also offers other amazing and unforgettable adventures throughout Belize.

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