Harvest Caye, Belize – What You Need to Know Before You Visit

Published on December 29, 2019

Pronounced “keys,” all of the islands in Belize are known as cayes. Harvest Caye is a privately-owned island located just a few miles offshore from Placencia in southern Belize.

All of Norwegian Cruise Line’s routes to Belize include a port of call at Harvest Caye, where more than 400 NCL employees are on hand to ensure that passengers enjoy a wonderful time in the country. The island has its own lagoon (perfect for swimming), restaurant facilities, and a beautiful beach.

If you’re coming to Belize on an NCL cruise ship, why not skip the crowds and enjoy a tour of the mainland? There is regular ferry service from Harvest Caye to Placencia on the coast, one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Placencia is both the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Belize Barrier Reef, a mecca for snorkeling and scuba diving, and to popular destinations on the mainland like animal refuges, ancient Maya cities, and national parks.

Untame Belize, based in southern Belize, is a locally-owned and operated company offering a full range of tourism services. If you’d like to explore Belize, Untame Belize can meet you right at the Placencia docks and arrange for guided tours to some of the most exciting activities in Belize.

Because Belize is such a small country, cruise ship passengers docking at Harvest Caye can choose from popular activities like climbing ancient Maya pyramids, hiking through the Cockscomb Basin Wilderness Sanctuary (home to more than 200 jaguars), and boat tours of the well-named Monkey River. Other popular choices include zip lining through the jungle, cave tubing (floating down underground rivers), and horseback riding.

And, if you want to really get out and see the wildest, most untouched parts of the jungle, Untame Belize offers ATV tours. Using rugged, all-terrain vehicles, visitors can blast through jungle river crossings, zoom across enormous citrus orchards, and visit inaccessible sites deep in the rainforest such as the mysterious Lyman Prison. Now abandoned and considered by some to be haunted, Lyman Prison was once home to Belize’s most hardened criminals.

Untame Belize also operates cultural visits to local villages where visitors can learn more about the traditional music, dances, and foods of the Garifuna and Maya people. Untame Belize also has guided tours to local chocolate factories and colorful, open-air markets where you can find authentic, homemade souvenirs.

If you’re visiting Harvest Caye on your next cruise, be sure to book all of your activities with Untame Belize.

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