About Belize

10 Facts About Belize

Belize continues to grow as a vacation spot thanks in part to its proximity to the US. A simple plan trip of a few hours can bring you to a land filled with such notable features as the following 10 facts.

1. It Has The Sole Jaguar Preserve

6 species of great cat are native to Belize and Central America yet Belize is where you will find Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve, the only nature sanctuary dedicated to the protection and preservation of creatures like the jaguar.

2. You Can Visit The Capital City of the Ancient Maya Empire

Centuries before the Europeans arrived to ransack Belize, the Maya’s influence stretched beyond 1,000 miles throughout the region recognized as Mesoamerica. Belize happens to be where the core of the Maya’s trade routes intersected. Visitors can encounter over 900 ruins and sites dedicated to the Maya.

3. The Speed Bumps

Because large portions of Belize are pristine and lush natural terrain, speeding within civilized regions is kept in check with speed bumps rather than by traffic lights.

4. Two Dollars for the Price of One

Belize’s currency is known as the dollar (BZD) and its value is connected to the worth of American dollars (USD) so that $1 USD is equal to $2 BZD. Note that this also means both currencies are accepted in the country.

5. The Great Blue Hole

Jacque Cousteau discovered this unique and impressive dive site within an offshore coral atoll. This underwater sinkhole has enjoyed a reputation as being a frequent entry for the top 10 diving sites on the planet.

6. English is Just Fine

Before it was known as Belize in 1981, the country was named British Honduras by virtue of being part of the then-sprawling British Empire. As a consequence of this occupation, Belize is the sole Central American country that uses English as its official tongue-80% of Belizeans learn English as their first language. Other common tongues include Mayan, Kriol, Garifuna and Spanish.

7. Gibnut, the Royal Rat

Queen Elizabeth once visited the country a few decades back. In recognition of her status, the chefs prepared the delicacy known as gibnut. This “Royal Rat” is a large rodent, resembling a chipmunk-tapir hybrid that tastes like rabbit.

8. The Belize Barrier Reef

The planet’s second-largest barrier reef is home to a stunning array of sea creatures and spans over 180 miles off Belize’s coast. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is perfect for any sort of aquatic activity.

9. Black Howlers

Also known as baboons, these arboreal primates are acknowledged among the planet’s loudest animals. Indeed, their shrieks can travel up to 3 miles away despite the rainforest’s dense canopy.

10. A Small But Friendly Populace

With a population of around 400,000 living in a country roughly the same area as Massachusetts, Belize has the lowest population density among Central American nations.
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