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About Belize Weather

Belize weather is subtropical with distinctive dry and wet seasons. While the high-dry season from November to February and the low-dry season from February to May are the main tourist seasons, the wet seasons are off-seasons. Temperature in Belize can sometimes be in 96 degree F during the peak afternoon. In general, Belize experiences a warm climate with temperature in the early 70 degrees. The tropical sea breeze is mostly warm during the daytime. Sometimes the temperature can stay at 50 degree or below due to a sudden shower with cool sea breeze. It can be said that the weather in Belize can be very difficult to predict. Annual average temperature in this nation is 79 degrees. As most days in Belize are breezy and warm with an average temperature in the 70s, many people love spending time near beaches and reveling in the sun.

The wettest months in Belize are from May to October. During this time, the country receives an average of 50 inches to 180 inches of rainfall. The northern region receives lesser rainfall in inches than the extreme south. Due to heavy rainfall and year-round warm climate, the country is home to verdant and dense rainforests and mangroves in the south of Belize. During these months, temperature can be sometimes high, but with cooler and humid trade winds. However, you can still have a bit of sun during this time too, especially if you are in the northern part of the country. Hurricane season in Belize is from September to October. In the past, a number of hurricanes have arrived during these months.

November thru January is considered as the winter in Belize, with temperature averaging about 75 degrees. Towards the mountainous part of the country, temperature can fall drastically below 50 degree F. Most of the neighborhoods in the Cayo district experience the maximum cold. If you plan exploring Belize during winter, then pack some warm clothes. Overall, the water temperature in Belize stays constant with an average between 79 and 83 degrees. Temperature can always vary by region in the country, especially in the coastal regions due to the trade winds from the Caribbean coast. Some parts of the country, including the Mountain Pine Ridge experiences a noticeably cooler climate year round. Overall, the seasons in Belize are differentiated more by the average rainfall and humidity than in temperature.

Here is a breakdown of temperature and climate in Belize every month.

Belize Weather By Month

Belize weather in January: Temperature from 70 degree F to 80 degree F

As the dry season continues in January in Belize, tourists can expect to experience mild temperatures and very less rainfall. That makes it a popular month for visitors, who want to explore coastal areas and inland in Belize.

Belize Weather in February: Temperature from 70 degree F to 80 degree F

February is the driest month in Belize with mild day temperature and cooler nights. This is a great time to explore the rainforest in the country.

Belize weather in March: Temperature from 74 degree F to 83 degree F

March weather is quite similar and pleasant as the weather in Belize during February. However, there can be very few rainy days during March too.

Belize weather in April: Temperature from 76 degree F to 85 degree F

Belize weather in May: Temperature from 79 degree F to 87 degree F

May temperatures are always high and fall to around 79 degree F with occasional thunderstorms during the nights.

Belize weather in June: Temperature from 82 degree F to 89 degree F

This is one of the warmest months in Belize with a monthly average temperature in 86 degree F. However, the fresh trade winds off the Caribbean Sea and frequent afternoon showers maintain keep the days cool throughout June.

Belize weather in July: Temperature from 79 degree F to 86 degree F

July weather is quite similar to June’s climate, with frequent rainfall and thunderstorms during the nights.

Belize weather in August: Temperature from 78 degree F to 86 degree F

While the temperature in August remains similar to July, the climate starts to become dry and windy with humid sea breeze from the coast.

Belize weather in September: Temperature from 77 degree F to 86 degree F

September temperatures average around 81°F with increasing sunny days with warm temperatures.

Belize weather in October: Temperature from 75 degree F to 84 degree F

September temperatures average around 81°F with increasing sunny days with warm temperatures.

Belize weather in November: Temperature from 76 degree F to 82 degree F

November in Belize is cool, dry, and pleasant. With the monthly average temperature of 76 degree F, this is the best month to visit Belize.

Belize weather in December: Temperature from 71 degree F to 80 degree F

December climate starts with rain and ends with dry days. With the monthly average of around 75 degree F, this is the perfect time to spend the Christmas holiday in Belize.

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