How to Book the Best Belize Cave Tours

Published on July 10, 2018
Belize Cave Tours
Belize is a relatively small country, but its unique geology and limestone foundation means that there are vast networks of interesting caves to explore, including mysterious underground labyrinths that were once used by ancient Maya priests to conduct solemn rituals.

Here are some of the most interesting caves you can visit in Belize:

ATM Cave 

Actun Tunichil Muknal, better known as ATM Cave, is one of the most interesting historical sites in all of Belize. Abandoned more than 1,000 years ago and only rediscovered in the 1980s, ATM Cave was formerly used by Maya priests. Accessible only by swimming through a spring-fed pool, ATM Cave's most famous attraction is the dozen or so human remains located more than a mile underground. Women, men, and even young children were bludgeoned to death as human sacrifices to appease Chaac, the bloodthirsty Maya god of rain.

Barton Creek Cave 

Barton Creek is a popular cave in the Cayo District of Belize and this vast cave's most distinguishing feature is the enormous river flowing through it. The cave is explored on a canoe and there are more than three miles (five kilometers) of underground passages. Sharp-eyed visitors can also spot ancient Maya artifacts left in situ, including the remains of at least 28 human beings sacrificed in religious rituals.

St. Herman's Cave 

No one is quite sure who St. Herman was, but his cave is found inside the St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park in central Belize near Belmopan. The park is a protected conservation area with an abundance of wildlife and bird species. St. Herman's Cave is one of the few caves in the country which can be explored without a professional guide.

Che Chem Ha 

Situated some eight miles (13 km) from Belize's western border with Guatemala, Ca Chem Ha means "Poison Water" in the Mayan language. The entrance to Che Chem Ha is quite narrow, but the cave soon opens up to a long tunnel packed with ancient Maya artifacts.

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