Belize Shuttles: What To Know About Booking Shuttles

Published on July 24, 2019
Belize Shuttles: What To Know About Booking Shuttles

Trying to figure out how to navigate Belize when you should be having fun? You need a trusted shuttle service.

If you’ve ever waited around for a van hired to collect a bunch of travelers at an airport or stood in line to grab an expensive cab or limousine, you know that the value of a good shuttle service is priceless in terms of saving time and cutting back on travel stressors.

In Belize, Untame Belize Shuttles is the name to remember next time you travel to this Central American nation because this service could make the difference between a so-so vacation and one that is exceptional.

10 Reasons to book a shuttle when visiting Belize

1. You don’t have time to arrange for transport every time you turn around. You’re on vacation!
2. Who wants to travel a new country juggling a road map or focusing on a GPS device?
3. The money you save by choosing Belize over neighboring nations will justify the expense.
4. You feel more comfortable putting your in-country travel into the hands of certified professionals.
5. You’ve never tried relying upon a shuttle service before and your friends insist it’s awesome.
6. Shuttles are faster than buses and no bus transfers are necessary to get you where you’re going.
7. You can be half-awake, barely sober or in any other shape that means you shouldn’t be driving.
8. Because you get lost. A lot. And that’s no fun when you’re in a foreign country.
9. Belize buses are not air-conditioned and rental cars could blow your budget out of the water.
10. Because a shuttle driver knows shortcuts you would never find.

Why Untame Belize?

It’s no secret that it’s better to use a resource founded and staffed by people who make their homes in Belize rather than patronizing one owned and operated by an outside entity. Belizeans know the lay of the land and Untame Belize has built a reputation as the nation’s premier licensed, private tour company.

Travel everywhere in one of the Untame Belize’s modern, spacious, air-conditioned vehicles. Stay connected, too (every vehicle has Wi-Fi connectivity). And since safety is of the utmost importance, Untame provides free child car seats if requested by travelers in advance.

Whether you need international airport transfers or in-country transport, wouldn’t you rather use a hometown company staffed by people who add a personal touch to every excursion? Untame Belize prides itself on excellence and you can rely upon this company’s reputation to deliver on friendly service and safety, too.

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