Belize welcomes vaccinated travelers without a COVID-19 test

Published on March 12, 2021
Belize welcomes vaccinated travelers without a COVID-19 tests

Belize welcomes vaccinated travelers without a COVID-19 test.

Visiting Belize has become easy as 1,2, 3! As Belize has now become the first country in the Caribbean to allow vaccinated travelers to visit without a COVID-19 test.

Vaccinated travelers no longer need to take a COVID-19 test to vacation in Belize and now only need to present a vaccination record card, with full inoculation completed at least two weeks before their arrival into Belize. “The decision to ease the restriction on travelers who have received the COVID vaccine has been facilitated by the reduction in daily new cases across the country,” reps for the Belize Tourism Board said in a statement, Caribbean Journal reported. “Belize has been very successful in its efforts to control the transmission of COVID-19 over the past few weeks; presently, there are less than 100 active cases countrywide, and the numbers have been consistently decreasing.”

Belize welcomes vaccinated travelers without a COVID-19 test


  • Download and register on the Belize Health App and complete the required information within 72 hours of your flight to Belize. You will be provided with a unique number. The Belize Health App is required to enter Belize and will be available for download for Android and in the Apple App Store for iOS users.
  • Non-vaccinated travelers must continue to present a negative COVID-19 test to enter Belize. Belize will accept a PCR test taken within 96 hours of travel or a rapid antigen test was taken within 48 hours of travel. Those who fail to present a test will be required to undergo one upon arrival at the airport at a cost of $50 (payable only in cash). Travelers who test positive for COVID-19 at the airport will be placed under mandatory 14-day quarantine, according to the Belize Tourism Board.
  • Testing at the Belize airport will be done on a “Swab and Go” basis for tourists that are staying at a Gold Standard certified hotel. Only positive cases will receive notification from the Ministry of Health within 24 hours. Visitors with positive results can quarantine at their Gold Standard certified hotel at their own expense.
  • Follow all protocols of airlines and airports in the originating city. Wear your mask, practice physical distancing and get ready to enjoy your Belize experience


  • Arrival at BTB Gold Standards approved hotel
  • Face masks are mandatory in all public spaces
  • Belize health app will check in daily (by Unique # and Geo ping)
  • You can now move around freely but you are highly encouraged to remain within the safe
    corridor and utilize Gold Standard restaurants, tour operators like UNTAME Belize Tours &
    , gift shops, and certified transportation.


For USA AND UK travelers: Take COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours (or 3 days) of travel. Rapid Antigen, Sophia, SD Biosensor, ABBOT (Pan bio) test results will also be accepted no more than 48 hours prior to travel. If no PCR test is presented, you will not be allowed to board the airplane.


Travelers will be able to enjoy their Belize vacation while being confident their safety is the tour operator’s top priority. UNTAME Belize is a premier, licensed, private tour company, that provides International Airport Transfers and excursions in Belize. We strive to provide top quality service
to our clients on every occasion whether it is an airport transfer or transport to the amazing sites of Belize.

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