Getting to Hopkins from Belize City or the Belize International Airport

Published on April 9, 2019
Getting to Hopkins from Belize City

The village of Hopkins is a popular destination for visitors because of its fabulously beautiful beaches and picturesque setting on the Caribbean coast. If you’re heading to Hopkins on your vacation, you’ll likely be landing at the Philip Goldson Airport just a few miles north of Belize City.

From the airport, you have several options on how to get to Hopkins. Domestic flights are available several times a day from Belize City to Dangriga, and from there, it’s about a 30-minute drive to get to Hopkins. This is, by far, the most expensive option, and visitors should be aware that the aircraft is an extremely small and crowded “puddle jumper.”

Other options for getting to Hopkins from the Belize International Airport include renting a car at the airport or in downtown Belize City. To get to Hopkins, the journey is around 52 miles long and requires following the George Price Highway to Belmopan and then taking the Southern Highway to Hopkins Village, a journey of around two and a half hours if you don’t take any wrong turns.

The cheapest way to get to Hopkins is by public bus. It’ll only cost you a few dollars to ride the bus, but first, you have to connect to Dangriga, a journey of about three hours. Once in Dangriga, you’ll have to get a second bus.

Easily the most comfortable and simple way to get to Hopkins is with a shuttle from Untame Belize. Using spacious, modern vans with plenty of room for your travel party and luggage, Untame Belize shuttles offer door to door service to every hotel, lodge, resort, and private residence (such as AirBNB) in Hopkins.

Best of all, when you choose to take an Untame Belize shuttle to Hopkins, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the journey. The two and a half-hour voyage will fly by in an instant as the trip passes through some of the most picturesque areas of Belize. In fact, many visitors traveling to Hopkins like to stop along the way to snap photos or to enjoy some food from one of the many roadside restaurants along the way.

Untame Belize shuttles are priced by the distance traveled, so groups can save substantially over airfare or the cost of renting their own vehicle. All of Untame’s shuttles come with air conditioning and wireless internet.

If you’re heading to Hopkins Village, choose an Untame Belize shuttle.

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