Explore Belize on a Horseback

Published on January 29, 2019
horseback riding in belize

If you are heading to Belize soon for a fun-filled vacation, you understandably have adventure in mind. You may plan to spend at least a few days lounging on Belize’s white sand beaches or soaking up rays by your resort’s pool. However, you also want to get out and enjoy all that this beautiful country offers. Exploring Belize off the beaten path with a horseback riding experience may give you the sightseeing experience that you are dreaming about.

When you venture out across the Belize countryside, you will travel through natural areas where vehicles cannot go. Some horseback riding experiences take you down the beach, and others take you on hoof-trodden paths through expansive, open plains and into heavily-wooded areas. Atop your horse, you can enjoy the natural sights and sounds of Belize in an unspoiled way, and you may even catch a glimpse of some of Belize’s native wildlife species. From tropical birds and monkeys to tapirs, green iguanas and more, the countryside is home to exotic species in their native habitat. With the incredible climate that Belize is known for, you can expect beautiful weather conditions for your horseback riding adventure most days of the year.

If you decide to explore Belize on horseback, pay close attention to the details of the tour that you select. Some tours last for an hour or less, but longer tours may take you deeper into the wilderness for a more adventurous experience. You may also focus on the group size for the tour and the skill level required. If a horseback riding tour has too many guests, you may struggle to enjoy natural views and enjoy the serenity of Belize’s natural areas. Many horseback riding tours are well-suited for beginners, but some may be intended for those who have previous horseback riding experience. Remember that Belize’s geography is diverse. To truly experience all that the country offers, it makes sense to schedule multiple horseback riding tours in different areas of the country. These will take you through different environments and give you the opportunity to view a wide range of animal species.

Untamed Belize is your preferred source for adventure travel plans throughout the country. In addition to providing you with shuttle service throughout Belize, horseback riding tours are also available. One option is a child-friendly tour that is well-suited for beginners. This is a four-hour tour that takes you across a family-owned estate. Horseback riding tours are in high demand in Belize. Regardless of whether you book this tour or another one, it makes sense to make a reservation soon.

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