How to Tour the ATM Cave from Placencia, Belize

Published on June 25, 2019

For a memorable vacation in Belize, there are few better places to visit than Placencia. This beautiful region of the country offers pristine beaches, delicious food, and is the perfect spot to begin a day trip to Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave – one of the best excursions in all of Belize.

First discovered about 25 years ago, the ATM cave features more than three miles of tunnels and caverns. Its depths are filled with unique rock formations, ancient artifacts, and even some human skeletons. These bones and other paraphernalia were left behind by the Maya people who once performed religious sacrifices and ceremonies in the cave. In fact, the cave’s storied history has led National Geographic to call it one of the top sacred caves in the world.

Tours to the ATM cave from Placencia usually begin fairly early in the morning. After a scenic ride to the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, travelers then begin a 45-minute hike through the lush Belizean jungle. The area provides guests with the perfect opportunity to take a look at all of the wonderful wildlife that calls the region their home.

Having arrived at the cave, visitors must next swim across a pool of water to get to the entrance. Before entering the chambers of the cave, travelers are instructed to remove their shoes. This is done to avoid causing any damage to the cave or the historic artifacts that lie within. Once guests have finished exploring this ancient Maya marvel, they will return to the vehicle and begin the journey back to Placencia, usually arriving in the evening.

If you are thinking about taking a trip to ATM cave during your time in Placencia, you should remember to book ahead. The tour is extremely popular, so if you want to be sure that you can go, it is best to make your reservations before you even arrive in Belize.

Though you will have quite a few tour companies to choose from, Untame Belize is undoubtedly the best. Our team of travel experts can help you plan just about every aspect of your tour. This, combined with our knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, is the perfect recipe for a wonderful vacation in Placencia and a memorable trip to ATM cave.

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