Belize Chocolate & Mayan Museum Tour

Belize Chocolate

About our Belize Chocolate & Mayan Museum Tour

You’ve probably enjoyed tasty chocolate treats your whole life without ever knowing where it came from. This tour is perfect for chocolate lovers as you’ll get to learn about the traditional Maya method of making chocolate, starting with the cocoa bean and continuing all the way to the finished chocolate bar.

This tour starts with learning how cocoa beans are extracted from the pods, fermented, dried, and then prepared for making chocolate. Participants will then be able to eat and enjoy their creations.

Note: All chocolate is grown by local farmers and is certified organic.

This tour also includes a stop at the Maya Museum to learn more about the people who have been living in Belize continuously for over 3,000 years as well as their culture, music, and language.

Enjoy this cultural tour with Untame Belize Tours and Transfers.

Intensity Level: Easy
Duration: Half day
Listing Type: Tour/Activity

What is included:

Private guide, transportation to and from your accommodation, bottled water, snacks

What to bring:

Camera, sunscreen, insect repellant

What to wear:

Short sleeve shirt, short pants or long pants, protective footwear

Photos of our Belize Chocolate & Mayan Museum Tour

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