Snorkel Paradise at Laughing Bird Caye

About our Snorkel Paradise at Laughing Bird Caye

Laughing Bird Caye is the southernmost island in the central lagoon of the Belize Barrier Reef. This long, narrow aisle stands on an elongated ridge of reef known as a faro. This angular atoll on a continental shelf is also known as a shelf atoll. Like an atoll, a faro is steep-sided and encloses a central lagoon. The Laughing Bird Faro is separated from the mainland, the barrier reef, and other cayes by deep channels on all sides. The uniqueness of this structure contributes to both the abundance and variety of coral habitats and marine life. The Caye got its name from the Laughing Gull that once bred on the Caye, but due to a growing human presence, the colonies have moved to nearby undisturbed cayes. Presently, the caye is home to several birds like the brown pelican, green heron, the melodious blackbird, among others.

Laughing Bird Caye is divided into three zones – the recreational zone, buffer zone, and the preservation zone, also known as the bird restoration zone, where no entry is allowed to guests. Due to these conservation efforts that are enforced by the park rangers living onsite, the laughing gulls have slowly started to return to the island.

Snorkeling Laughing Bird Caye Experience

Due to the uniqueness of the caye, the Faro, and the abundance and diversity of marine life, the caye was declared a protected area in 1981 under the National Parks System Act. On December 21, 1991, Laughing Bird Caye National Park was declared. In 1996 the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System was inscribed on the World Heritage List with Laughing Bird Caye National Park designated as one of the premier protected areas within the World Heritage Site.

Some of the latest additions to the caye over the past years include a gift shop that carries beautiful Lionfish jewelry, artifacts, and souvenirs. There are even fun marine frame walls for visitors to take fun pictures.

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Intensity Level: Easy
Duration: Full day
Listing Type: Tour/Activity

What is included:

Private guide, water, soda, lunch, snacks, all snorkeling gears, transportation to and from your accommodation, park fees

What to bring:

Sunscreen, Towel, Camera

What to wear:

Comfortable clothing, Swimsuit, Sun Glasses

Photos of our Snorkel Paradise at Laughing Bird Caye

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