Xunantunich Maya Ruins & Inland Blue Hole

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About our Xunantunich Maya Ruins & Inland Blue Hole

Xunantunich is one of the largest ancient Maya cities ever built, the rulers of Xunantunich clashes with other powerful rivals in the area, including Tikal. In 2016, the largest Maya royal tomb ever discovered was excavated in Xunantunich, and the site remains an impressive display of pyramids, palaces, and other grandiose buildings.

As you arrive at San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District you get to enjoy a hand-cracked ferry ride over the Mopan River to finalize your Xunantunich Maya Ruins journey. As you get a glimpse of the Xunantunich city you’re immediately left in awe by the astonishing architecture and sizes of the ruins. Especially after climbing the huge statue of the 130-foot tall ruin of the Maya Sun God, ‘El Castillo’ which is the second tallest Mayan structure in the country. From the top, you’re even able to see the land border between Belize’s neighboring country Guatemala. If you’re lucky enough while exploring this site you are able to spot howler monkeys on the trees or tarantulas spiders on the ground.

The name Xunantunich derives from the Yucatec Maya language and means “Stone Woman.” Local legend holds that around the end of the 1800s, a gentleman from the village of San Jose Succotz Belize went hunting near the site. Crossing the base of the Castillo, he was struck by the appearance of a beautiful statuesque Maya maiden, dressed in traditional “huipil” and “pik,”, and dazzling in the rays of the rising sun. The woman stood motionless by the mouth of a cave that extended beneath the large structure. Stricken by her appearance, the man threw his gun aside and ran downhill to the village. After recounting his tale several villagers led by their native priest returned to the site. Arriving at the large mound they found the mouth of the tunnel, but the stone maiden had disappeared. Thereafter locals claim that the woman has appeared to several others but none have been able to follow her into the cavern.

If you’re not familiar with the Maya history, no need to worry, Untame Belize guides are some of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professionals in the country. They are more than happy to teach you everything you need to know and go beyond for you to have your perfect Belize adventure.

Before heading to your second Belize adventure of the day, you get to stop at San Jose Succotz Village to enjoy a delicious Belizean lunch.

Belize Inland Blue Hole

The Inland Blue Hole ( not to be confused with the famous dive site the Great Blue Hole off of the Caribbean Coast) is a sapphire-colored sinkhole surrounded by jungle vegetation and limestone rock walls, forming an attractive 25-foot (8-m) deep swimming hole. The water in the Blue Hole is part of an underground cave system that flows into the Sibun River. To reach the swimming hole, it is a 5-minute hike from the park’s main entrance through a densely forested region. This is the perfect refreshing tour to do in the afternoon after a morning of walking.

The Xunantunich Maya Ruins can also be paired with Cave Tubing. Experience this Belize Tour with Untame Belize Tours and Transfers for the best experience.

Intensity Level: Easy
Duration: Full Day
Listing Type: Tour/Activity

What is included:

Private guide, transportation to and from your accommodation, bottled water, lunch

What to bring:

Swimsuit, camera, sunscreen, insect repellant, change of clothes

What to wear:

Comfortable clothing and footwear.

Photos of our Xunantunich Maya Ruins & Inland Blue Hole

What our clients are saying about our Xunantunich Maya Ruins & Inland Blue Hole tour:

We did this tour as a group of about 8 , our tour guide Jimmy was incredible. When we climbed the ruins he made sure everyone was assisted. He was friendly and just fun to spend a day with. We went to his village for lunch and the food was amazing. Blue hole was fantastic way to end our day. Cooled off in the water. If you are able to request a guide I'd request Jimmy. You will NOT be disappointed. Wish he could have been our guide for all the excursions.

Tonia H, USA

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