5 Best Places See in Belize This Summer

Published on April 30, 2019
5 Best Places See in Belize This Summer
Ever wonder why so many people take a pass on visiting Belize in summer? Look closer and you’ll see big grins on their faces. They’re hiding a secret: Summer is the best time to go for practical reasons (fewer crowds; lower prices; more value for your dollar), so pay no attention to those who want to keep Belize all to themselves.


Which scare tactics are used most? The “it rains all of the time” myth. The truth is that rains are most likely to fall at night when visitors are asleep. Daytime showers are brief, intermittent and refreshing, especially for active visitors who love to work up a sweat exploring caves, roaming ruins, hiking trails and jungles.

Where to go once you decide to summer in Belize? Put these 5 sites atop your list:

1. Don’t just take a refreshing dip at Maya King Waterfalls. Jump in! This site is as cool and brisk as it gets, so use the falls as your backdrop while snapping selfies. If a shower starts, you’re already wet, so take this opportunity to dance in the rain. You could inspire a flash mob of fellow waterfall visitors!

2. Take a deeper dive into Belize’s offshore hot spots by visiting the Barrier Reef and trying the three top water sports for which Belize is best known. Study a little marine biology before arriving so you’re prepared to immerse yourself in this paradise when you dive, snorkel and fish.

3. Tour Placencia Peninsula’s top three communities–Maya Beach, Seigne Bight and Placencia Village. Learn more about the cultural complexity of a nation that’s home to Garifuna, Creoles, Mennonites, Mayans, Germans and a huge community of U.S. expats who know paradise when they see it.

4. No trip to Belize is complete without a Mayan civilization immersion. Ruins like Tikal in Guatemala, Xunantunich and Cahal Pech in Belize are considered Western Hemisphere wonders and take visitors back in time hundreds of years thanks to buildings, temples, ballfields, stele and sacred sites.

5. The most popular adventure in Belize is an activity called cave tubing. Splash your way down river and feel like a kid again. One tour lands you in the middle of the ATM, a cave Mayans used to conduct secret ceremonies. See relics and artifacts that remain behind from this once-vibrant culture inside this cave.

Rains? Check. Itinerary? Double check. But you’re on the clock and you haven’t time to memorize a map of Belize, book your tours, shuttles and transfers with Untame Belize and we will figure out how to get you to all five of these attractions. Not to worry. UntameBelize.com to the rescue.

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