Belize Cave Tubing – A Must Do Tour in Belize

Published on February 10, 2020
belize cave tubing

Belize offers a variety of experiences for the intrepid traveler. You can enjoy beautiful beaches and world-class scuba diving. You can try exquisite local cuisine and learn how to make chocolate from ancient recipes. You can visit waterfalls and hike through the rain forest. All of these are amazing, but if you have to choose just one thing to do in Belize – consider cave tubing.

Only Belize has this unique activity. Thanks to a network of spring-fed, underground rivers and vast underground caves, you can experience majestic geological wonders while comfortably reclining on an inflatable inner tube.

Your excursion starts less than an hour from Belize City, in beautiful Jaguar Paw. It starts with a gentle walk through pristine rain forest until you get to the river’s entry point. An experienced guide will accompany you and you will be provided with everything you need for a safe and pleasant trip, such as life vests and head lamps as well as tubes.

The water will feel pleasantly cool in the tropical heat. As you drift down the river towards the caves, you can enjoy the serenity of the rain forest. You might see beautiful birds and hear their calls. This is so relaxing and pleasant! Your life preserver can support your neck as you lie back. The tubes are tied together so you will automatically stay with your party.

Once you enter the cave system, your guide will tell you about Belize’s river system and how it has created a series of nine caves over millennia. These caves have many unique and beautiful geological formations that you can see from the security and comfort of your tube. The Mayas revered these caves, believing that they provided a passageway to the underworld.

After spending such a relaxing time drifting through the majestic Jaguar Paw Cave system, you will be ready to enjoy the thrilling finale of a zip line tour through the rain forest.

While these tours will have your adrenaline pumping, they are extremely safe. The zip lines that take you for hundreds of feet above the jungle canopy are very sturdy and secure. Guides will help you into your harness after you climb to a platform in the trees. Then you can fly over the rain forest, viewing its flora and fauna from above.

To enjoy this delightful excursion, we recommend you book your tour with Untame Belize.

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