Scuba Diving in Placencia Belize

Published on October 2, 2019
scuba diving in placencia belize

One of the top things to do in Belize is scuba diving, and Placencia is one of the best places in Belize to do this.

The majority of divers go right to the Atolls and Cayes in Belize, but the more knowledgeable ones also leave room for a visit to Placencia. In this section of southern Belize, you’ll get to see a more isolated part of the Belize Barrier Reef. The inner half of this spot is a nice place to work on getting certified if you’re an experienced diver. If you’re a beginning diver, then it’s also a good place to sharpen your skills.

The visibility here is amazing, plus there’s no current and a multitude of colorful reefs. If you’re an advanced diver, then the outer reef is the place for you. Here, there’s plenty of opportunity for deep dives and exploring walls with steep drops. Most of the diving in Placencia takes place from small dive boats. The reefs are roughly half an hour from the village.

Another great attribute of diving in Placencia is the lack of extra fees. The rest of Belize is not like this. Diving to see whale sharks is highly regulated, and boats may be limited to 1.5 hours. Sometimes the only interaction allowed is via snorkeling. If you use a DIN regulator, then you should bring an adapter. Most divers visit the Placencia waters from April to June, which is whale shark season. However, the entire dry season offers perfect diving conditions and weather. The wet season between August and October is considered a low season for both diving and tourism. In terms of diving, it’s really not a bad time to go as the only issue is somewhat compromised visibility from the rain. However, you’ll find fewer crowds at this time as well.

The three main diving highlights in Placencia are Laughing Bird Caye, the Southern Coast and the whale sharks at Gladden Spit. Laughing Bird Caye can be found on the inner section of the southern barrier reef. It’s an ideal place for beginning divers and features schools of rays. The Southern Coast tends to have fewer divers than the north part and new dive spots are being found each year. Whale sharks are arguably the biggest attraction in Placencia waters. You’re almost guaranteed to see one if you dive between April and June.

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