It’s Just What the Doctor Ordered: The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival

Published on April 25, 2019
Belize Chocolate festival
Belize Chocolate festival
You may not be able to convince your doctor to write a prescription for a Belize vacation in time to take in the 2019 Chocolate Festival between May 24th and 26th, but why not ask?


After all, chocolate does more for the mind and body than other sweet treats and since Belize is the epicenter of chocolate production in the Caribbean region, you can learn while having a blast at all of the social activities surrounding this popular fair.

Chocolate making has deep roots in Belize that go back to Mayan societies who harvested beans from cacao trees hundreds of years ago. Maya chocolate makers used rocks to crush beans, mixed them with water and chilis and cooked the mixture to produce “the drink of the gods.”

What can chocolate do for you? It can:
-Boost your mood
-Protect your brain
-Improve memory
-Sharpen your focus
-Release endorphins,
-Improve brain blood flow
-Work as an antioxidant
-Add to your daily magnesium intake
-Encourage healthy intestinal tract bacteria
-Reduce food cravings.

Convinced? Given the health benefits you’ll receive by taking a vacation to Belize during this festival, even if your doctor doesn’t prescribe a therapeutic trip to the chocolate festival, that doesn’t mean you can’t prescribe a visit for yourself. Flights to Belize get you to your destination in just a couple of hours and as low season approaches, accommodations are deliciously affordable.

Who can you count on to help you maximize your entire visit?, the company you can count on for festival access, guides, transportation, shuttle services and everything you require to do the chocolate festival in style. Use Untame Belize and get the scoop on what to see and do so you maximize your time and don’t miss a thing.

It’s Belize’s most delicious celebration

Between May 24th and May 26th, chocolate is king throughout Belize’s Toledo District. Punta Gorda is the epicenter of this festival where this silky, satisfying food takes many forms. Farmers, vendors and merchants involved with Belize’s chocolate industry showcase products that include chocolate soap, decadent sweets, chocolate beer and wine and even chocolate barbecue.


Eat your fill and take advantage of entertainment during this 3-day romp that includes dancing to the beat of local musicians. Get up close and personal with Belize’s agricultural scene so you understand how important chocolate has become to Belize’s economy. If you’re the hands-on type, you can even visit a farm, grind beans and make your own chocolate bar.

You’ll learn a lot, but the memories you make are likely to be filled with all of the fun you squeezed into this sweet celebration. Find out how Untame Belize can turn your stay in Belize to one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences you’ve had in years and leave the logistics to your guide, who probably loves chocolates every bit as much as you do!

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