Belize Group Travel and Tours

Published on February 5, 2019
belize group travel

Trying to plan a vacation or getaway for a large group of people can often be something of a challenge. The process of booking interesting tours, arranging shuttles accommodation, and ensuring that all ground transfers are pre-planned can be very time-consuming.

Luckily, if you are planning a group trip to Belize, help is on hand. Untame Belize is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in creating and arranging memorable Belizean vacations for groups of 2 to 30 people. Our fleet of modern and spacious vans makes getting to the airport or going on an adventure tour a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Of course, Untame Belize doesn't just focus on getting your group wherever they need to go. Instead, we focus on ensuring that each and every member of your party has an enjoyable trip. For example, if someone in your group has any special needs, Untame Belize will go out of their way to ensure that we can accommodate them. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Whether you are traveling with a church group, with friends, with work colleagues, or just with your family, Untame Belize has the experience needed to ensure that everybody enjoys their trip to Belize. Perhaps the best way to experience the best of Belize is by booking one of Untame Belize's many tours. We truly have an excursion for everyone.

For the history buffs in your group, Untame Belize offers tours to ancient Maya ruins, such as those found at Xunantunich and Tikal in Guatemala. If your party is feeling adventurous, you can book a cave tubing and zip lining tour. Alternatively, for groups that want to take in as much Belizean culture as they possibly can, the Belize Garifuna cultural tour is a superb option. Of course, no matter which tour you choose to book with Untame Belize, you can always expect it to be led by a skilled and experienced tour guide.

Put simply, booking your group's Belizean getaway with Untame Belize is the perfect way to ensure that your transfers run smoothly, your shuttles are efficient, and every member of your group has a good time. We can even help with booking a hotel or resort for you. To learn more about Untame Belize, you can visit at any time. There, you will be able to learn more about their various service options and make the bookings that your group needs.

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