Untame Belize Tour & Travel Agency: We Love Showing Off Our Homeland!

Published on April 6, 2019
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It’s sad but true: Travelers often become so involved planning their vacations that they forget or fail to understand the importance of the right transportation company when making arrangements. This is especially important for first-time visitors whose transport and tour experiences can mean the difference between a vacation filled with memories and nightmare stories shared with friends back home.

Why is Untame Belize the nation’s premier tour operator and travel agency? The founder of this agency is Rodwell Ferguson Jr. He has more than a decade of travel and tour experience under his belt, but it’s the welcoming treatment he and his staffers give to visitors that clients talk about most often.

“Visitors ask me why I started a tour and travel company in Hopkins Village, and I think I scare them when I ask, ‘How much time do you have?’! Growing up in Belize, I dreamed of showing visitors the amazing places I loved to see growing up and how many people do you know who have turned a dream into a career?”

Rodwell knows places to go and things to see that transcend the ordinary. He takes the word “Untame” quite literally by returning his clients to their childhood states of mind—before society tamed them and robbed them of their curiosity and adventurous spirits. Untame clients are exposed to a variety of experiences thanks to this premier, licensed, private tour company specializing in airport transfers and Belize excursions.

“We put adventure and exploration first,” says Rodwell, “but we want those experiences to be enjoyable, which is why every vehicle in our fleet is comfortable, spacious, air-conditioned and Wi-Fi equipped. Adventure is one thing. The ability to stay connected to home is equally important to the travelers we serve.”

“But nothing is more important than safety,” he adds, “which is why every Untame driver must pass a defensive driving course before they can work for us. We’re especially protective of children, which is why we provide car seats for families at no charge that can be reserved when visitors book with us.”

What can you expect from this popular resource? Private shuttle services at great rates piloted by skilled drivers who pride themselves on introducing clients to Southern Belize sites that run the gamut from Davis Falls, Cockscomb Basin, Monkey River and Maya ruins to decadent chocolate tours.

Early booking is recommended so you enjoy our superior services from the moment your plane lands in Belize. Call us at 011-501-671-5281 if you want to chat. But a visit to our website will likely thrill you the most: https://untamebelize.com/. When will we have the pleasure of showing you our amazing homeland?

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