Belize to Tikal Maya Ruins: A Day Trip to Guatemala’s Ancient Maya Ruins  

Published on June 21, 2019
Belize to Tikal Maya Ruins
Your visit to Belize isn’t complete without a day trip to the spectacular Maya ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. If you’re looking to experience a Tikal tour from Belize, continue reading.

Tikal in Guatemala is a historical treasure

Tikal is one of the most important Maya ruins in the world. The Maya ruled this region from the 6th century BC to the 10th century AD. During their reign, they developed advanced mathematics, high-level engineering, advanced farming techniques, and a complex language.

Tikal is one of the finest, largest and most archaeologically rich of the ruins left by the Maya. Covering over six square miles, the well-preserved site lets you walk through temples, pyramids, houses, ball courts, royal palaces, and elevated walkways. Thousands of these buildings still stand throughout Tikal, as does the breathtaking Great Plaza that was central to Maya life.

Tikal was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. It has long been a popular attraction among visitors to Central America. If you’re in Belize, it’s an easy visit right over the Belize-Guatemala border.

What Makes Tikal Mayan Ruins Special

Although Belize and Guatemala are both home to many impressive Maya ruins, Tikal stands out for its sheer size and historical importance. Its location deep inside the lush, mysterious jungles of Peten takes visitors back in time to the region’s earliest days.

Trekking through the forests, wetlands and towering trees of the jungle, you feel as though you’re walking backwards through time, hiking the same long footpaths that brought ancient travelers to the heart of the Maya kingdom.

Nature and History at Tikal

Tikal is located in the 60,000-acre Maya Biosphere Reserve. This rare, exotic patch of earth is only a few miles from the border of Belize. Many visitors to Belize make day trips to Tikal.

The reserve is rich with natural biodiversity. As you walk to the ruins, you’ll spot a huge a variety of birds and wildlife such as toucans, coati, monkeys, and pumas. The forest is filled with palms, orchids and ceiba trees.

How to Visit Tikal from Belize

Tikal is a short distance from Belize. Many tour companies operate day trips to Tikal. We recommend going booking a tour of Tikal with Untame Belize, where you’ll find in-depth expertise, knowledgeable guides and comfortable, round-trip transportation. Get ready for a great Maya adventure.

Untame Belize’s Tikal tours depart daily from Dangriga, Hopkins or Placencia. This all-inclusive package is the best way to experience the wonder and mystery of this great Maya site.

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