Airport Shuttle & Private Transfers: We Take You To And From The Belize International Airport  

Published on May 9, 2019
Belize Airport shuttles and private transfers

Even seasoned travelers who have wandered every corner of the planet need help getting around once they deplane, look around and realize that their long list of things to do and see will require wheels.

You don’t want to rent a car. And a bicycle isn’t the answer--even if you head for Belize, a country that’s small enough to get from place to place fairly quickly. You need a single answer to your dilemma and for legions of travelers who love patronizing Belize businesses, is the only name they trust.

Whether all you need is a ride to and from the resort you’ve booked, a full complement of services that efficiently shuttle you around the country as you see Belize’s treasure trove of natural wonders or you just need to count on a single resource for transfer logistics, Untame gets you where you’re going at any time of the year.

Because this is a business owned and operated by Belizeans and staffed with professional drivers and guides trained to ensure your safety and comfort, count on this enterprise to be there when it counts most.

There’s a reason this business is consistently rated #1 by visitors from around the world who wouldn’t think of using a different service. Employees know the lay of the land! Where can Untame Belize take you that competitors may not?

-Visit unspoiled places guidebooks don’t tell you about as well as popular attractions throughout Belize.
-Hire transport/tour services from a variety of origins: Dangriga, Placencia, Hopkins or San Ignacio.
-Want to be shuttled around by staffers who know lots about Belize’s cultural, environmental and water sports scenes? Pack your itinerary to the max when you know that Untame Belize is your go-to resource.
-Would you like to spend time in Guatemala seeing the famous ruins of Tikal and return to your lodging just as expeditiously? Leave the details to your guide for an unforgettable adventure.
-Will you originate your vacation in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico? Untame can collect you at any of these points and drive you to Belize before you know it.

Having a single, all-purpose resource take care of all of your in-country travel and tour needs can’t be underestimated. You relax knowing that your schedule is in the hands of people who care about your Belize experience and want you to return in the future. Contact Untame Belize as soon as you make your flight arrangements, knowing that you’ll be taken care of from the moment you arrive to the moment you say goodbye.

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