Best Adventures you can do from Placencia and Hopkins Village, Belize

Published on May 22, 2020

Belize has many vacation destinations, however Placencia and Hopkins Village located on the southern part of the country are among the top tourists attractions for their location. Both Placencia and Hopkins Village are located on the coastline/mountainous area of Belize, therefore they provide incredible beaches, island getaways and some of the best jungle adventures in the country. While at these villages you not only enjoy sun, sand and sea but you can also experience some awesome adventures. The Best adventures we recommend to do when in Placencia or Hopkins Village are:

Hike through the World’s Only Jaguar Preserve followed by making chocolate treats

This one of the most unique adventures you can do when in Belize. With more than 128,000 acres of lush jungle, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is an incredibly beautiful natural area near Placencia and Hopkins Village. Home to the world’s only jaguar conservation site, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is Belize’s wonderland of waterfalls, rainforest, flowering plants, butterflies, and exotic wildlife such as monkeys, tapirs, giant iguanas, and all five indigenous big cat species. The trail system within the sanctuary provides breathtaking views across the Basin and waterfalls abound. After the hike through the sanctuary, relax with a swim or try tire tubing down the river. After exploring this gem, you will get the chance to stop by one of the most authentic Mayan Villages of Belize, Maya Center Village. Here the Maya’s will teach you how a cacao bean goes from being inside the fruit to a mouthwatering chocolate treat.

Zip line, River Tube and Waterfall Swim in One Day

Begin your Belize adventurous day by soaring 400 feet above a valley in the Maya Mountain foothills. This panoramic zip line experience consists of 7 lines and 11 decks which makes it the longest zip line in Belize. Followed by cooling off in the refreshing waters of the South Stann Creek River while listening to the sounds of the jungle! For almost 2 miles, you will enjoy the thrills of rushing over small (Class 2) rapids and the relaxation of the slower parts of the river via expedition-style tubes. End your day with a perfect swimming at refreshing waterfalls. Once you are in Hopkins or Placencia Village you can do all these adventures in one day.

Climb Xunantunich Maya Ruins then refresh yourself by Cave tubing or swimming the Inland Blue Hole.

You’re fun-filled adventurous day will begin climbing Xunantunich Maya Ruins tour, which consists of the second tallest Mayan structure in the country, a huge statue of the 130-foot tall pyramid of the Maya Sun God, ‘El Castillo’. These impressive sites will leave your family in awe as they are able to climb to the top of “El Castillo’ structure that holds an indescribable view at the top. Thereafter you take a lunch break and proceed with the second adventure of your day which you get to pick between Cave Tubing or the Inland Blue Swimming located at the St. Herman’s National Park. Cave Tubing is one of the most unique and unbelizable experience in the country, as you drift downriver, tucked in an inflated inner tube while shining your headlamps onto the cave walls where there are various stalactites and stalagmites. While the Inland Blue Hole is a 25 feet deep blue sinkhole which is the perfect swimming and relaxing pool you need during your vacation time. This is a full day adventure; you can do this from any of the locations you will be vacationing, Hopkins or Placencia Village.

Immerse yourself in the Garifuna Culture

This is one of the most amazing, interactive and informative tours you can do in Belize. Here you will have the opportunity to dress in the beautiful and amazing Garifuna traditional clothing throughout the experience. Where you will learn the legacy, traditions, taste authentic culinary of the Garifuna culture and off course listen and dance to some of their top dances such as the HunguHungu, Chumba, Punta and Wanaragua. This tour is usually done in the beautiful Hopkins Villages as it is a Garifuna community, however many visitor staying in Placencia Village experience this tour as they are just a 45 minutes away.

Explore the Best Cave in Belize, The Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave)

This is one of our prime tours offered from Placencia and Hopkins Village. Situated in the middle of a lush jungle, the ATM Cave is one of the most magnificent sights in Belize and the world. In fact, National Geographic ranked the cave as one of the planet’s top sacred caves. Many visitors are drawn to the ATM Cave because of its history, beauty, and mystical appeal. One thing is for sure: After participants explore the ATM Cave, they will be truly amazed by this lost underworld in Belize. The tour starts at the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve in the Cayo District, and then tourists must hike through the jungle to reach the next destination. The jungle hike is roughly 45 minutes, and participants will cross a few jungle streams. As soon as you approach the mouth of the cave, you must use a rope to cross a spring-fed pool. Soon afterward, you will eventually come to the sacred chamber used by ancient Maya priests. The sacred chamber contains many interesting sights such as ancient Maya pottery. Most importantly, during this part of the tour, you will get to view the remains of a young woman named Crystal Maiden. She was sacrificed hundreds of years ago. Since her bones have been fused with several minerals, the remains often glisten in the cave. There are also many other remains in the cave, including those of extremely young children. Most participants will spend roughly three hours exploring everything in the cave. Untame Belize is one of the few companies in the country that offers guided excursions to the ATM Cave.

Hiking Belize’s Rainforest via Horseback Riding

This family-friendly tour will take you through the delicious oranges groves and into the rainforest. This is a private, family owned ranch with pleasant, well-trained horses that will carry you to the river in Belize’s rainforest where you can take a refreshing swim on a river. While hiking through the jungle via horseback riding you will be able to see a lot of Belize’s wildlife. Lasting only about 4 hours, you can combine other experiences with this tour.

The best part is that Untame Belize provides all these adventures from both Placencia and Hopkins Village.  Untame Belize is the #1 Tour and Transfer company in Belize providing amazing, affordable and comfortable services. To have the best time of your life in any of these tours we recommend to book with Untame Belize.

Xunantunich Maya Ruins Picture via Instagram by : Passionpassport and Withlai

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