How to Tour the ATM Cave from Hopkins, Belize

Published on July 10, 2019
Tour the ATM Cave from Hopkins Belize
If you’re staying in Hopkins, you’re in the perfect location to tour the famous Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave. Set aside a full day for this outing. You’ll spend the day deep in exploration of Belize’s jungles, wildlife, and history as you tour this legendary cave.


This is a very popular tour that fills up quickly so make sure you book it early.

Why the ATM Cave is Special

National Geographic has classified the ATM as one of the most important sacred caves in the world. The ancient Maya venerated caves. They considered them portals to the underworld and performed their most important ceremonies in these underground chambers.

Today, the ATM is a treasure trove of Maya artifacts, treasures and skeletons. You’ll walk, climb and swim through several miles of secret, sacred passages.

What to Expect When You Tour the ATM

The ATM cave is not for beginners or people who want to take it easy. It’s a tough adventure that will test you physically. Be prepared to get wet and to do some serious hiking.

There are also strict rules for viewing the cave. Leave your shoes and your camera behind. You’ll have to tour the cave wearing socks and cameras are prohibited in order to protect the artifacts.

You can only tour the cave if you’re accompanied by a specially licensed cave guide.

Getting to the ATM from Hopkins

Hopkins isn’t one of the major tourist spots in Belize. It’s slightly off the beaten path, but it’s a hub of activity for travelers who appreciate adventure.

Your ATM adventure begins with a two-hour drive along the scenic Hummingbird Highway. This takes you to the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. Your 45-minute hike through this untouched jungle reserve gives you three river crossings and the opportunity to view Belize’s natural wildlife.

Once you’re at the cave, you must swim into the entrance. Now, your tour of the cave starts. Your guide will tell you about its history and point out important artifacts and artworks. Once your tour is finished, your guide drives you back to Hopkins in time for dinner.

Untame Belize is Your Ideal ATM Guide in Hopkins Belize

At Untame Belize, we’re the experts in every wild adventure that Belize has to offer. Our experienced, fully licensed guides know every twist and turn of the ATM Cave. We provide round-trip transportation and we will make your ATM tour an unforgettable Belize adventure.

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