Explore Davis Falls on an ATV

Published on April 9, 2019
davis falls belize

One of the most beautiful and exciting natural attractions in Belize is Davis Falls. Located in the southeastern Stann Creek District, Davis Falls is the second-tallest waterfall in Belize. Cascading more than 500 feet (150 meters) to a deep, 75-foot (23-meter) pool below ideal for swimming and cooling off on a hot day, Davis Falls is located in the heart of a pristine jungle landscape.

Just adjacent to Davis Falls is one of the largest citrus fruit orchards in the country. One of the most popular ways to explore the beauty of Davis Falls is with an ATV tour of the area. Starting at the citrus orchards, the ATV tour takes participants into inaccessible areas of the surrounding jungle in order to experience the natural beauty of the area and learn more about the astounding plants and animals of Belize.

The ATV tour of Davis Falls also includes a stop at Lynam. Once a notorious prison during the colonial era, Lynam is now an abandoned facility. Touring this eerie site allows participants to catch a glimpse of Belize’s long history while also serving as a great place to stop and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the jungle.

The ATV tour continues down the winding route that leads to Davis Falls. The twisting dirt road crosses no fewer than seven different watercourses along the way. Too steep and treacherous for ordinary vehicles, the path to Davis Falls is only accessible to rugged ATVs or by intrepid hikers.

The best place to stay in order to experience all the beauty of Davis Falls and to explore the nearby trails on an ATV is the Davis Falls Inn. A small, family-run hotel operated by native Belizeans with deep roots in the area, the Davis Falls Inn offers comfortable, clean rooms in a beautiful location where the air is perfumed by the nearby citrus orchards. Davis Falls Inn has its own restaurant on site where travelers can enjoy heaping helpings of home-cooked Mexican, Belizean, and international fare.

Untame Belize specializes in organizing tours of Belize, including ATV tours of Davis Falls, boat safaris along the well-named Monkey River, and hikes through the gorgeous wilderness of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve.

Untame Belize also offers shuttle and ground service to and from anywhere in the country. With regular service to/from the international airport in Belize City, Untame Belize provides courteous, professional transportation to any resort, hotel, or lodge in the country, including the Davis Falls Inn.

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