Getting to Tikal from Placencia, Belize

Published on July 15, 2019
Getting to Tikal from Placencia Belize
Belize is home to many important Maya ruins, but one of the greatest is Tikal which lies just over the border in Guatemala. Discover why you should plan a day trip to this amazing Maya site while you’re in Belize.

Maya Heritage

The ancient Maya ruled a vast expanse of present-day Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala. The Maya were an incredibly advanced civilization who were known for their feats in engineering, farming, artwork, athletics, and building.

During their reign, they cleared acres of jungle and built powerful city-states. Tikal is one of the most important of these settlements.

Why You Need to See Tikal Maya Ruins

Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s an amazing display of Maya civilization at its peak. Over 90,000 people lived in Tikal. Now, you can see over 3000 Maya temples, pyramids, homes, athletic fields, shops, city walkways and more.

Tikal sits in the middle of the 23-acre Tikal National Park in the Peten district of Guatemala. You have probably seen images of Tikal in movies, travel guides and music videos. Now, you can see this amazing place yourself.

A tour of Tikal takes you back in time. You’ll learn the history of this great city and of the proud, indomitable Maya empire.

Getting to Tikal

Visiting Tikal takes a full day. If you’re leaving from Placencia, the drive to the border takes about five hours. You travel along the scenic Hummingbird Highway through the Cayo District.

If you choose to drive, remember to bring cash only. You must also be prepared to show your passport and other paperwork at the border with Belize and Guatemala.

This can be time-consuming. The best way to arrange a trip to Tikal is by using a full-service tour company like Untame Belize. We arrange all the fees, paperwork, passes and driving. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

The Best Belize Guides

A big part of visiting Tikal is learning the history of the Maya and exploring their daily lives. If you book your Tikal trip with Untame Belize, you get an experienced, knowledgeable guide who can make the ancient world come alive for you.

The Untame Belize tour leaves at 5:00 am and gives you a full day to explore Tikal. At the end of your day, we drive you back. To learn more about this and our other great Belize adventures, contact us today. 

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