Visit Laughing Bird Caye on Your Placencia Belize Vacation

Published on September 10, 2019
laughing bird caye

Laughing Bird Caye gets its name from its previous role as nesting grounds for the laughing seagulls that were local to the area. The area is technically a “faro,” a stretch or coral containing a lagoon at its core, less than 2 acres in size and located roughly 11 miles away from the coastline of Placencia. Since 1991, the island has been the foundation of Laughing Bird Caye National Park, a safeguarded nature park consisting of the island and its surrounding waterways; this has made it quit a notable spot for anyone with an interest in snorkeling, scuba diving or marine biology.

Laughing Bird Caye is the bottom island along the Belize Barrier Reef, making it moderately notable as a waypoint for lots of sea creatures coming and going through the reef. The Caye’s steep sides an deep channels also make it an excellent venue for diving.

This beautiful caye features a relatively unique variety of geography and terrain types, allowing it to attract a large variety of marine creatures. One of the most notable types of sea life found within the area would be the three coral regions, responsible for the ringed appearance of the reefs. In addition to the central lagoon’s large reef, you can find reefs along the outer rim and in several patches within the lagoon. Between the sheer variety of shapes and the waters that go no deeper than 16 feet, this is some prime snorkeling real estate.

As a protected site, the island has no humans living on its premises. This means that there are plenty of creatures to enjoy in an unmolested habitat. While the laughing gulls have mostly disappeared, lots of other avian highlights can be found throughout the region including frigate birds, green herons and, notable due to their current status as an endangered species, brown pelicans. The area’s flora is also certainly worth investigating, especially with coconut palms, morning glories, spider lilies and mangrove trees.

Whether you love to snorkel, explore some tranquil waters in scuba gear or just like to explore the more beautiful and undisturbed regions of the planet, you will likely find something at Laughing Bird Caye to make the trip worth it. If even one of the paragraphs in this article sounds appealing to you, then please consider booking your trip with the leading tour company of southern Belize, Untame Belize. You will not regret it!

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