Snorkeling and Scuba Diving the Silk Cayes of Belize

Published on September 18, 2019
silk cayes belize

The Silk Cayes are a tangible version of the sort of tropical island paradise people concoct in their minds. Found along the outer rim of the world’s second largest barrier reef, the Belize Barrier Reef, the Silk Cayes are a trio of uninhabited sandy islands formed over coral reef, known more formally as the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. This status means that it is a protected marine site and one of the best places to go for a snorkeling enthusiast.

The most obvious thing about the Silk Cayes is its water, which is akin to glass in its transparency; the water splinters off into five different shades of blue, depending on how deep you go. If you have your feet on the ground, which consists entirely of sand as white as sugar, your view of the surroundings is nothing but ocean; go beneath the weaves and the reason why so many people visit the area swiftly becomes apparent.

A variety of different colors and species of coral runs rampant throughout the Silk Cayes. Because coral populations are a great monitor of marine health, divers and snorkelers will stumble upon a wide variety of sea life that use the coral as a home, hiding place, or ambush spot against prey. The underwater menagerie of the Silk Cayes means that you might find dozens of coral species, entire schools of grouper, endangered species of sea turtle, manta rays, anemone beds, and even a few kinds of shark that are too small to pose any harm to human visitors.

One other animal known to visit the area during certain parts of the year would be the immense creature known as the whale shark. While the name may sound imposing, it comes mostly from their sheer size; whale sharks have been recorded weighing more than the average school bus and as long as 35 feet. For all the power that such a behemoth of ocean life might wield, they are content to swim through the waters with their mouth gaping open, sucking up plankton like vacuum cleaners as they move.

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