The Hot Sauce of Belize: Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce

Published on July 30, 2020

Belize is known for a lot of things, and one of them is for its very own and authentic Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce. Whether you have visited Belize or have been living here your entire life you can agree that Marie Sharp’s Hot sauce is an unbelizable delicacy that you must add to every meal.

The beginning of this spicy and tasty hot sauce began back in 1980 when Mrs. Marie Sharp came up with some recipes for sauces, jams, and jellies while experimenting with fresh Habanero peppers, vegetables, and fruits from her farm. She was overwhelmed with positive feedback and encouragement when neighbors and friends tasted them. That was when she decided to turn it into a family business. At first, they started Marie Sharp Hot Sauce production in a small kitchen with help from relatives and an employee. Throughout the years, Marie Sharp Hot Sauce was recognized both locally and internationally for her production of a spectacular selection of pepper sauces, all of which are loved for their exquisite flavor and heat levels. Today it has grown to over 20 employees in their factory in Stann Creek, Belize, manufacturing for the local and international markets. Marie Sharp’s family-owned business takes great pride and honor in producing products with the highest quality, living up to their slogan, “Proud Products of Belize.”

Mrs. Marie Sharp

Due to its international recognition, Belize’s very own Legendary Queen of Habanero Sauce, Marie Sharp, was presented with a most prestigious award and induction into the New York City Hot Sauce Hall of Fame in 2016. Marie Sharp proudly received a beautiful red jacket commemorating the occasion, as well as a class ring engraved with her name and year -2016. Marie Sharp was extremely honored not only because she was the only woman entrepreneur to receive this award and recognition, but also because she was the only foreign candidate to have been selected for the New York City Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.

Marie Sharp Fine Products, producer of Marie Sharp’s Hot sauce has expanded its production and today it produces 13 different habanero hot sauces and various types of squash juices, jams, and seasonings. While their products are distributed internationally to over 10 countries around the world, which include: USA, South Africa, Japan, Hawaii, Taiwan, Canada, Guatemala, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, Honduras, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Switzerland, Kuwait, and Australia.

In addition, Marie Sharp’s Hot sauce also made its debut in the book of former presidential candidate and Secretary of State of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton in 2017. In her new book, “What Happened,” Clinton lovingly describes how she fell in love with the signature hot sauce. In 1992, after one of her employees returned from Belize with four bottles of Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce, Clinton began liberally applying the hot sauce on all of her food as she fell in love with it. According to Clinton, she would wake up in the morning and apply hot sauce on her breakfast, convinced that it was providing a critical boost to her immune system. There is no doubt, that Marie Sharp’s hot sauce has own over the hearts of many people throughout the years.

No home or meal in Belize is complete without some drips of the delicious Marie Sharp Hot Sauce. This is a true taste and product of Belize. So if you’re looking to visit Belize, Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is a must-try in your delicious Belizean meals.

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Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce
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