Ranguana Caye Tropical Island Excursion

Ranguana Caye

About our Ranguana Caye Tropical Island Excursion

Located 1 hour off the coast of Placencia Village, Ranguana Caye is truly a slice of paradise. This picture-perfect 2-acre private island is known for beautiful snorkeling and annual sea turtle hatchings. From enjoying many of the island activities to sipping on cocktails on the beachside, a day at the beauteous Ranguana Caye can never go wrong

Cruise out to the picture-perfect 2-acre private island from Placencia, Belize, and spend your day in a pristine tropical paradise. Paddleboard, kayak, hammock nap, sunbathe, snorkel from the island, fish, drink, eat and play beach games. Bully’s Beach Bar provides the music and libations while the staff prepares a delicious Beach Barbecue. Don’t forget to try the shots at Bully’s Beach Bar!

The island also offers comfortable island-style cabanas for overnight stays. What the cabanas lack in luxury, they make up for in charm and location. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit when one of many sea turtle nests hatch!

Ranguana Caye is also the perfect catamaran stop for those leaving or returning to Placencia. Bully’s Beach Bar serves three meals per day and all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you could ask for! Don’t forget to bring a t-shirt to leave your mark on the bar forever. Whether you’re staying for the week, the night, the day, or just a few hours.

Home to the second-largest Barrier Reef system in the world, Belize contains more than 450 islands that spread out around the beautiful Barrier Reef and reach out towards the borders with Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. These islands, known as Cayes in Belize (pronounced: KEYS), are diverse and have their own unique offerings, making choosing one rather difficult.

Intensity Level: Easy
Duration: Full day
Listing Type: Tour/Activity

What is included:

Beach Barbecue lunch with soft drink, boat transportation, beach snorkeling, guide, Kayaking & Paddle Boarding, Volleyball & Beach Games, Hammock Napping

What to bring:

swimwear, towel, sunscreen

What to wear:

comfortable clothing or swimwear

Photos of our Ranguana Caye Tropical Island Excursion

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