Waterfall Rappelling and Zipline Adventure at Bocawina Rainforest

Published on March 9, 2020

If you're looking for an adventure or want to try something different on your next vacation, look no further than the Mayflower Bocawina National Park. Located in the Stann Creek District of Belize, the over 7,100-acre park is home to lush jungles, breathtaking waterfalls, and ancient Mayan ruins. Originally created to manage and conserve the area's unique ecosystems, the park now performs a variety of research and preservation activities. The park also offers the visitor a wide range of activities, including waterfall rappelling and zip lining.

The numerous hiking trails in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park wind through protected areas of flora and fauna. A guided scenic hike through the jungle will lead you to one of several waterfalls known as the Three Sisters Waterfalls. During your 20-minute walk up to the Bocawina Falls, you will be able to take in the sights and sounds of the rainforest. Once you arrive, your guide will provide you with your gear and safety equipment for an exhilarating and family-friendly 100-foot rappel into the cool pool below. For the more adventurous, you can continue your hike to the top of the 1000-foot Antelope Falls for a stunning view of the surrounding rainforest and the Caribbean Sea. After taking in the view, put on your gear for the exciting rappel into the emerald blue pool below. Whichever experience you choose, it will be unforgettable.

If you prefer to take in a bird's eye view of the rainforest, try riding the zip line. Mayflower Bocawina National Park has the longest zip line in Belize, with 12 platforms, eight different runs, and covering two and a half miles. Flying through the canopy will give you the chance to see up close the wildlife Belize is known for, including howler monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, and macaws. You'll want to bring your camera to photograph the elusive and threatened jaguar. A zip line tour at night can provide an added level of excitement. Your night zip line experience will include all the unique sights and sounds of the rainforest's nocturnal wildlife.

You can book your zip line adventure and your Bocawina Falls and Antelope Falls jungle hike and rappel tours at Untame Belize Tours and Travel. With over ten years of experience, Untame Belize has expert and safety-conscious guides able to provide exhilarating adventures to its clients. Untame Belize is 100% locally-owned and operated, allowing it to offer its clients a unique Belizean experience.

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