8 Mesmerizing Waterfalls in Belize that one must visit for a Tranquil Escape

Published on September 24, 2020

Belize is truly a curious place with so much to do and explore in this little paradise. From snorkeling the second largest barrier reef system in the world to exploring the hundreds of islands, caves, lush rainforest, and much more. Belize is also home to some of the most stunning and biggest waterfalls in the world that one must visit for a tranquil escape when vacationing in our beautiful jewel.

1. Davis Falls

Known for its breathtaking beauty and its refreshing waters, probably one of the best in the world, Davis Falls Waterfalls is a must to explore whether you visiting Belize for the first or have been living here your entire life. Cascading at more than 500 feet (150 meters), this gem is the perfect refreshing break you need in 2020. Located on 8 miles off the Humming Bird Highway in Alta Vista Village on the Sittie River Nature Reserve. The trip begins with an eight-mile drive over rough terrain in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, along the way, you will experience 8 river crossings and be surrounded by pristine rainforest landscape.  After a drive and a two-mile hike through the rainforest, various swimming pools with cool, crystal clear water awaits for you at the bottom of the stunning Davis Falls Waterfall.

2. The Thousand Foot Waterfalls

Located in the Cayo District of Belize, the Thousand Foot Falls is a waterfall and natural monument surrounded by the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. The Thousand Foot Falls is thought to be the highest waterfall in the Central American region. Despite what its name suggests, this massive waterfall is actually 1,600 ft. tall.

Thousand Foot Fall

3. Tiger Fern Double Waterfall

This gem is found inside Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which is 150 square miles of the protected rainforest with home to the world’s only jaguar preserve. The Tiger Fern Double Waterfall is truly a tranquil escape as it is not heavily trafficked therefore you can have all the fall for yourself while being surround by lush rainforest, mountain views, and a refreshing swimming pool.

Tiger Fern Double Waterfall

4. Big Rocks Falls

Deep inside the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve this waterfall literally leaves you in awe for it’s magnificent, monumental, and massive, Big Rock that stands tall with a small pool at the bottom of it, flowing into a bigger cenote that rushes over large rocks. Making It your perfect picturesque destination when on vacation.

5. Butterfly Falls

Cascading at an 80 feet high with a gorgeous pool at the bottom, Butterfly Waterfalls is probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Belize. This fall is located on Belize’s south-central portion, Butterfly Falls are on the border of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, which is nearly 100,000 acres of protected pine forest. Though near the forest reserve, the falls are actually on private property and are only accessible by guests of Hidden Valley Inn.

Butterfly Falls

6. Antelope Falls

Getting to the Antelope Falls is a very rigorous hike but totally worth it. With nearly 1000-foot waterfall with an incredible top view all the way to the Caribbean Sea. Further up the falls is a dipping pool perfect for cooling off during your Belize vacation.

Antelope Falls

7. Mayan King Waterfall

Located in Southern Belize at the Mayan World Adventure Park, this refreshing waterfall is probably one of the most accessible falls in the country. Surrounded by big rocks and lush rainforest this is the perfect jungle swimming pool you need during a jungle getaway. This waterfall is just about 20 minutes away from Placencia and Hopkins Village.

8. Rio Blanco Waterfall

Located inside a national park that was made a protected area in 19194. Rio Blanco contains a series of waterfalls dropping 15-20 feet into a deep pool. It is a popular swimming and picnic spot for refreshing and tranquil escape into the jungle.

Rio Blanco Falls

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